• Pecxel

    Turns any image into brick art so you can build it with your friends & family.

  • Luggary

    Luggary is a luggage rental service that helps people save money.

  • Kimik

    Now you can get your brand in front of millions with billboards and displays in hundreds of locations in minutes.

  • WeHelp!

    Personal security SOS button.



  • Used 1,000,000+ blocks for orders Pecxel
  • Reached 1,000 days rented a month Luggary
  • Reached 500,000 downloads WeHelp
  • Developed and launched Pecxel Pecxel
  • Developed and launched Kimik Kimik


  • Reached 50,000 downloads WeHelp
  • Developed and launched Luggary MVP Luggary
  • Developed and launched WeHelp V1 WeHelp


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