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We strive to create products that make your life easier so you can enjoy what is really important

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We are

Dreambits Labs solves problems in fast-growing niche markets by building tech products that enable people to focus on what’s really important to them.

Smart ideas.
Smarter products


Turns any image into brick art so you can build it with your friends & family.


Luggary is a luggage rental service that helps people save money, time and space by paying only for the days they use it.


Trade your belongings with others.


Personal security SOS button.


The worlds most advanced e-cigarette and pods

We Work with
Great Talent


Our drive is to make your
life easier so you don't
waste your time with
trivial things, getting you
to enjoy what really

With love

We love what we do. For
us, it's not just about a
job. We believe in what
we do, and our hope is
that you believe in it too


We want to reach every
corner of the world. Our
mission is not tied to one
place, we want to make
changes everywhere

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